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tv   News 4 Today  NBC  February 7, 2010 6:00am-8:00am EST

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24 inches now on connecticut avenue. >> this is a potential for trouble. >> earlier this morning we had a jackknifed tractor-trailer. good morning, everyone and welcome to "news4 today." i'm suit. >> good morning. i'm joe krebs.
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it's sunday, february 7, 2010. we begin this morning with the clean up of the blizzard of 2010. that clean up will be made a whole lot tougher this morning because of still very cold temperatures out there. in fact, let's get right to the forecasts. here's meteorologist chuck bell in storm center 4. >> a good sunday morning, everybody. collective sigh of relief all the snow is done. the real problem is that overnight last night with a clear sky and some cold air moving in temperatures went tumbling down into the teens and we're starting off sunday morning very, very cold indeed. 17 degrees now here at the friendly peacock in northeast washington, 18 in manassas and warrenton, martinsburg 16 degrees, hagerstown 12, even southern maryland didn't escape the cold 19 degrees now down towards hollywood, maryland.
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current wind chills are in the single digits, above zero. expect a cold start. great snow pictures. what does it look like at your house? that's what it looks like in my backyard. that's my lonely barbecue grill. our forecast for your sunday, temperatures will climb but only a little bit later on this afternoon up to about 29 degrees, even with full sunshine. the sun comes up at 7:08. the days are getting longer, get some bonus sunlight. temperatures will stay below freezing firmly today and a lot of refreezing again overnight tonight temperatures will go back down, colder, i think, tomorrow morning than we are this morning. so, be ready for a slushy day and a hard refreeze. >> a lot of pictures of lawn furniture. >> great one. we have picnic tables that are buckling under the snow. i'll get to those. >> anks. look forward to it.
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>> yilt crews have been working through the night to restore power to thousands of people that lost power. the heavy snow brought trees down on to power lines knocking out electricity in many mabds. 150,000 people had no power in maryland alone yesterday afternoon. montgomery county hardest hit. in potomac one woman found a live wire burning in her front yard. now most people still without power are pepco customers, more than 71,000 customers have no electricity. dominion virginia reporting more than 34,000 customers in the dark this morning. more tn 10,000 customers with the southern maryland electric cooperative has no power right now. more than 11,000 customers with the northern virginia electric cooperative have no elect try. bge reporting 15,000 customers in the dark most in the baltimore area. you saw those figures more
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than 34,000 people without power still in virginia because of some power outages through dominion virginia. le high anderson is with dominion and she can tell us about the situation today at this hour. what do you expect? thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having us on. we're expecting a good long day of work today. we have about 35,000 customers withoupower. we were able to restore over the nighttime hours about 13,000 customers. now with the light of day our crews are going to be out in force again. we'll have patrollers that will assess damage that will help us provide more accurate information to our customers about restoration. by late afternoon anyone still without power will have a restoration time specific for their location. >> besides these obvious problems on the snow roadways what are the significant issues
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that you folks are having to deal with? >> we have a lot of trees that come down. across power lines and roadways. we're having challenges accessing our facility. but we've got anywhere from 15 to 30 inches of snow on the grounds. restoration will be slower than normal. some of our facilities are in rear lots. so we' have to park our vehicles, our crews will have to walk and manually carry equipment to some of these inaccessible locations. it's going to be a tough day but it is our first full day without any snow. so we will make some good progress today and our customers have our commitment that we're going to safely and as quickly as possible restore power to everyone as soon as we can. >> this morning i didn't spend a lot of time outside but it felt like the winds have died down a little bit today. i imagine that will help your crews. i also want to ask you about
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traffic lights because i noticed a bunch of them were out on my drive in. are traffic lights and restoring power there prioritized over residential homes? >> no. they are not unless it's a roadway that leads to an emergency facility. but our focus, we've been able to restore most of the critical customers, and so our focus will be on residential customers today. >> but you expect to make a lot of progress today? >> we do. >> okay. >> people are asking when will my power be back on. you said specific to certain areas. can you give a time frame? >> this afternoon after 4:00 we will be able to provide our customers who call our call in center very specific information about their outage. so if they call, report their outage again or to get information about their outage, we will have a recorded message that tells them what times their
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lights will be back on today or tomorrow. >> that's after 4:00? >> after 4:00 today. >> all right, le high anderson with dominion virginia power. thanks for that information. >> thank you. >> thanks very much. maryland governor martin o'malley is urging people to stay off the roadways out there. he says they are unsafe. freezing temperatures are making them very icy. derrick ward is joining us now. he's in college park with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. we've been out here on route 1 and i want to have you take a look at what you'll encounter right now. you've got a passable road surface. this is a main roadway. it's been getng a lot of attention. secondary roads are a different deal. no sidewalks. so once people start to stir you'll have to share the road with pedestrians. i want to show you video of the beltway. you got a passable lane. some traffic. you still have plows hitting that roadway. so hopefully that will be
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cleared up. far cry better than it was yesterday. road surfaces are bumpy but passable. it won't be a smooth ride but definitelynavigable. nothing that you want to go at your normal speed. take it easy. who do we have to thank for that? efforts of a team of people and they are the plow drivers. >> the streets are wider than what they were at the first. at the gang what we do is make one pass on each side. then we come back and widen the streets. we have two shifts which are 12 hour shiftser and i came on at 1:00. i work from 1:00 in the morning to 1:00 in afternoon. all the shifts do that. as of right now things are prerg. a whole lot better than what it is. thank god for the people who are
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not on the streets because everything is like a shut down now and that's better for us. >> reporter: of course, that is in large part thanks to the efforts of public officials who declared it was a state of emergency and urged you to stay off the road. that still holds true to a certain extent because they got some work to do. people look that, some of them are bus drivers, even clerical or office workers during the week but turn them loose on these roadways. in places like this year definitely yern joeing and seeing the fruit of their efforts. we're live in college park. now, back to you. . thanks very much. virginia governor bob mcdonnell calls this blizzard historic. state police and the commonwealth have responded to more than 1300 car zernts in the last two days alone. julie cary has been reporting on the roads from tysons concern all weekend long. she joins us now live.
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good morning. how have conditions improved where you are? >> reporter: it is dig out day and it's dig out day with industrial strength. i don't know if you can see very well down the road you see those lights, a front end loader has been working here on chain bridge road for about the last hour. what they are doing out here this morning now that they have chance bridge road fairly passable and have, you know, at least a couple of lanes down to ice, we're not seeing any pavement anywhere, now he is moving the snow that was plowed away yesterday. so, he is just nonstop in patrick kennedying up bugts of snow and carting them off to the side of the road. that's a lot of the job today now that they have gotten some of the interstates and primary roads passable in one or two lanes. vdot wants to focus on continuing to push that snow aside and open up wider traveled portions. for folks who are worndsing about their neighborhood streets out in the subdivisions, the
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secondary roads, the subdivisions, your won't see any plows today unless it's somebody you hired to come on. vdot said it will be at least monday before they start making inroads in some of the subdivisions and even then don't have your expectations too high. no curb to curb plowing. they will try to get a path through before, again, we're expecting more snow on tuesday. they will try to dive into those areas. they have to regroup on the main roads to prepare for what's ahead on tuesday. but just a lot of digging going on. a lot of moving of the snow. i don't know howle with in the dark you can see the passive piles of snow here alongside, probably about teneet high here on the side of chain bruj road. that's what we're seeing along this tysons area in the hotel parking lots, on the michael jackson roads. they are focused today on moving that snow off to the side. and, you know, we talked
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yesterday about the beauty of some of this snow. tack at that look at this untouched snow bank. look at that sparkle in the snow. nice sight to wake up to this morning. a lot of hard work out there today for these plow driverser and truck drivers and everybody in third own driveways and sidewalks. back to you. . >> thanks for pointing out the diamonding in the rough. >> it is glistenning. for more on the maej problem areas, let's go to jerry edwards. >> reporter: work has -- progre has been made but it has been very tough indeed and we're still encouraging folks to not even think about getting out driving as the snowplow driver said earlier, if we stay off the roads they will have a better shot of getting it cleared. everybody take one more dare and
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relax and let the crews get out there. if they ve to work around vx that are broken down, state police, fire and rescue we'll have a big mess. here's interstate 66 only one passable lawn. this is all ice covered. very icy out there this morning on on the major roadways. so please stay off the roads. the beltway in maryland as you travel between route 50, 202 landover, one lane down to pavement. that's decving but it could be icy because of temperatures. again, you just don't want to try. one more stop we'll go downtown show you a live picture lower 14th street. 14th street at pennsylvania avenue one of the most important intersections in the whole world, still snow packed. crews are dorng what they can as quickly as they can but this is a monumental task so please give them a break, stay off the roads
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for one more day. >> before you go had you heard more about canal road? i heard parts were shut down because ever trees hacking on power lines. >> it is dangerous. at last report there was a stretch of canal road around arizona avenue that was still blocked off. i just looked at some of the traffic cameras. they are in bad shape right now as far as icy conditions. again, stay away and be prepared. for a lot of traffic lights still out and that translate because of the power outages. >> if you are going stir crazy inside the house, the best way walk around. metro will resume underground only train service this morning at 7:00. for the yellow line between pentagon and crystal city. green line between ft. totten
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and congress heights. for the red line that's between medical center and union station and between glenn mont and forest gln. all metrobus service is suspended until further mother. fallen trees and power lines on tracks are causing major problems for amtrak. several trains have been cancelled. that includes several. northbound northeast regionals and southbound northeast regionals. acel express titans have been cancelled for today. amtrak plans to run some trains as scheduled so if you're planning to travel by train check before heading to your station or check >> several buildings collapse under the weight of the snoefr. we'll look at some of the damage left behind. >> and it is noticeably colder this morning. chuck bell will be back to tell us whether we have any melting to see today. stay with us.
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probably very cold out there but a lot of nice sunshine. let's talk about the roads in maryland right now. we have the maryland state
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highway administration on the road. good morning. and is it a good morning? what kind of progress have you made and what do you expect for today? >> you know, you just showed a picture on the beltway where it's one lane getting by in each direction. that's what we were striving for yesterday. today we're trying to expand on that, get more lanes. the big storm out there, we have a full compliment of crews. right now the temperatures are not being our friend, not helping us too much out there. we're making some progress. we just want to urge folks, again, if you're going to watch the big game today or have an inkling to go out, stay indoors. >> charlie, what's it like dealing with the snow pack. in a lot of areas it looks like an ice skating rink. it doesn't look pen trabl. >> it's very difficult to remove that. you have to get a temperature to a certain degree. you have to use a loader to move
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it. we're working hard on that. we do have equipment to deal with the snow pack and also salting operations and still continuing the paving once the temperature heats up a little bit. still out there, getting more lanes open and try to get some of the transitional points between the interstates and secondary roadways. >> one of the issues is what do you do with this snow? you can't push it off to the side because you create more problems. are you having to get front end loaders and dump trucks to carry the snow away? >> yes. there's a lot of snow to move. piled up on the roadway you'll create sight distance issues. we have to remove snow as this operation continues. >> okay. is your goal to get down to today, do you think you can get down pavement or will there still be this snow packed cover on the roadways, mt of the major highways
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>> the very difficult. we'll do what we can to get down. we'll work as we have for the last 36 hours. can't put a time limit on that. this was a huge storm. a lot of snow to move. a lot of that snow pack to get up and treat the roadways with salt to prevents refreeze. this is one of those operations that goes into early next week. >> thanks for your time on this early sunday morning. >> thanks very much. to underscore that governor martin o'malley is asking marylanders to stay off the roads. he's warning they could be luck worse today as the freezing temperatures continue to ice over the streets. jackie bensen joins us from gaithersburg. she has a check on the roadways out there. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it has been a long cold night. your heart goes out to the tens of thousands of people here in montgomery county that spent that night in the dark and in the cold. not a fun, pleasant thing.
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355 behind me here is clear but the main road 270, that's what you're talking about. having come in from the neighborhoods in montgomery county they are untouched, very difficult, very unpassable. now, we have some video to show you how deep that snow looked yesterday in gaithersburg as after the storm blew through and the sun came out very close to sunset people went outside and really enjoyed themselves in that snow, and the beauty and wonder of more than two feet of snow. removing all that snow from roads and sidewalks will be days rather than hours. people have to be very patient. we talked to some snowplow drivers. they tell us they are doing the best they can. >> cold. tiring. hard. you see something and try to go with it. >> you've been doing this for a
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long time. have you ever seen this much snow before? >> no not since i was a little kid. >> when you first saw the magnitude, what did you think? >> when am ioing to go home. when are your going to go home? >> i don't know. when it's done. when we're done. >> back live in gaithersburg you can see this is just about the only way t get around this morning. we've seen a couple of people in sedans, a lot of people getting stuck. even though the parking lot at the gas station is plowed out, plow the driveway back in. best thi to tell people is absolutely don't drive yin less you have to. >> absolutely. thanks very much. jackie bensen reporting live. stay warm out there. >> we will. >> my world is turned upside down to see jackie in the dark of morning rather than the dark of night. she's laughing too.
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jackie is ready to go back to bed. >> i don't blame her. >> she said it's going to get colder. >> one of the easiest forecast. i could tell as i was coming back into work yesterday evening as the sun was going down, the skie were clear. i knew right then we were going to have to lower our low temperature forecast by at least three to five degrees. our original forecast was for the clouds to move out of midnight. when the clouds are gone by sundown that's extra radiation cooling. you can tell the difference between the time i came back into work at 5:45 and the time i went back home last night at midnight, the road took on that crunchy sound. that slushy, you know, sound on the way in, that hard crunch, crunch all the way home. that's the way it sounded when i went out this morning at about 4:00 this morning it was an even
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harder nastier crunching noise out there. so be extra careful if you're going to be outside doing anything early this morning. taking the dogs out. doing a morning jog. yes, indeed. a beautiful day today to look at. if you don't have to overexert your several that's the key. 18 degrees rig now at national airport. within 12. wind chill seven degrees. winter snowfall, 45.1 inches of snow so far this winter, everybody. that puts us in third place all time. we've been keeping snow records in washington sirns about the early 1870s, sobout 140 years of records. this is the third snowiest winter on record. and i know a lot of folks aren't interested in getting to first place but we've come so far. second place is less than an inch away and we have an inch of
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snow in the week's forecast. we'll show you as many snow totals as we can, hurricane katrina dreds came into our station. thanks for everybody sending in their snow totals. 26 incs in germantown. 12 inches in hollywood. 23 inches in alexandria. 29 inches in jefferson, maryland. current temperature this morning, single digits in some of the shell terrified locations, mid-teens elsewhere. 21 annapolis, one of the warm spots. 19 in southern maryland. 20 degrees at the marine corps base in quantico. a little bit of a breeze out of the north northwest at ten meerps but that's just enough. wind chills is morning are in the single digits. here's a check of the radar. to thing will fall from the sky today except clumps of snow that are already on the branchs and the power lines out there. as we widen out the view bright
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sunshine for today, clear skies again tonight. another mazive refreeze tomorrow morning. dew points and this is important, dew points measure the moisture in the atmosphere but could way to estimate low temperature forecasting for the night ahead. i have a feeling we'll be back down to the single digits. tomorrow morning may be colder. be on the lookout for that. national airport will drop down to 11. 60% of snow late in the day on tuesday. i do think that at least another inch of snow is possible here in the washington area tuesday night into wednesday time frame. could be more. the trick with this next system is the dreaded rain/snow line will be a lot closer this time around coming up tuesday night wednesday. >> why dread it? rain can wash away the snow. >>fourking snowfall amount when you don't know where the rain/snow line will be,
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nightmare. >> i see. >> freezing rain. >> freezing rain out towards the shenandoah valley and southern maryland. probably mostly run. northern maryland mostly snow. this is our whole nightmare. >> welcome to chuck's world. >> that's right. this is the stuff that keeps me up at night. >> thank you. >> and we're already beginning to hear about school closings for next week. loudoun county schools announced they will be closed on monday and tuesday. alexandria city schools will also be closed on monday. >> the snow is beautiful but caused some damage. the heavy snow caused several roofs to collapse. a tree fell on the joshua temple church yesterday. the tremendous destroyed the church. only thing left standing is the steeple. culturalism history has it on
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their historical list. >> i'm glad there was no loss of life. all of this can be replaced. you can always get construction done. this is just materialistic things that can be replaced. so no loss of life. we can still give god the glory. >> no one was inside the wood frame church when it did collapse. a hangar out at dulles airport also collapsed. the metropolitan airports authority and fairfax fire department were called out to dulles jet center at 8:00 yesterday morning. four workers inside were able to get out before it did collapse. the building is considered to be a total loss. the damage to the four private jets that were inside is not yet known. and in maryland heavy snow caused the roof of this school to collapse. this is st. john's elementary school in hollywood, maryland.
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six classrooms, the library, the computer lab and several offices were destroyed. the school teaches children from kund to eighth grade and they will all need to be sect to other schools in the area. getting around the d.c. metro area was treacherous for those who ventured out. drivers who overestimated their car's power found their wheels spinning even those out to rescue them. some tow trucks and ambulances got stuck in the piles of snow. safety of officials in virginia and district and maryland continue to warn your to stay off the roads today. it could take all day before snowplows can clear a safe pathways. they ask that you get out of their way and give them plenty of room to do their work. the blizzard is having an impact on sporting events. the wizards game last night had to be cancelled. >> but so far today's capitals game against the penguins at noon is still on. the penguins played in montreal
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yesterday afternoon and had to fly to new york an then took a bus to d.c. 10,000 fans braved the snow and watch georgetown upset number two rank villanova yesterday. >> our cable went out. we thought about watching the game from home. when it went out we suited up and started trucking two miles to the metro so we could get here. >> we drove over here which was a challenge. mainly pedestrians on the road not a lot of cars. so he's a good driver so we got here safely. >> it took about 20 minutes to going through knee deep snow. half an hour for the metro to go to union station. once the metro went was here within four minutes and it was not really that bad of a commute considering the weather.
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the fans were rewarded for all those efforts. the final score 103-90. that's the game. i think we want, georgetown beat villanova. villanova ranked very high. huge exciting game for georgetown fans. again that score 103-90. now it was north versus south when thousands of people converged on dupont circle for a massive snowball war. a lot of people had a lot of fun. things got a little rough, though. several people suffered minor injuries and a lot of drivers told us they bame unplg participants as their cars were target or they themselves were caught in the crossfire of flying snowballs. >> still ahead, how the president is handling the snow.
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his motorcade fell victim to the blizzard of 2010. >> when flights will resume at area airports. for now they are shut down. we'll have the latest on that. stay with us.
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it is 6:34 right now on "news4 today." thousands remain without electricity this morning. in some cases that means no heat. traffic lights are down. utility crews have been working through the night to restore power to thousands ever homes where power was knocked out by the blizzard. the heavy snow bringing down trees on to the power lines and knocking out electricity to many, many neighborhoods. >> metro is expected to resume underground service beginning at 7:00 this morning. transit system closed early last night. metrobus and metro access will
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remain closed for today. >> road conditions vary throughout our area. some places you'll see pavement but in mos it looks like an ice skating rink. plows hit the roads hard overnight but with so much snow it slow going and secondary roads are still snow packed. good morning, everyone. welcome back to "news4 today." i'm kimberly suiters. >> good morning, i'm joe krebs. we continue our coverage of the blizzard of 2010. let's check in right now with chuck bell in storm center 4. >> a good sunday morning, everybody. hopefully you've managed to survive the big blizzard, our second blizzard of the winter season. yes, indeed, off to a clear and very cold start this morning. those are the -- that's a look at the north end of the runways at ronald reagan washington national airport where the temperature sits at 17 degrees
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this morning. it's 15 degrees out towards sterling, virginia. 21 in annapolis. 19 in southern maryland. single digits, wind chills out there this morning. lots of great pictures sent in. i'll share as many as i can. nicole took this picture of downtown shirlington with the snow still falling. plenty of sunshine but not much in the way of melting because temperatures will stay below freezing. thanks very much. joining us on phone now is metro. >> thanks very much for joining us. we understand underground service on metro rail will start at 7:00. >> yes. we'll resume underground service for sunday at 7:00 a.m. >> okay. what is the expectation about resuming above ground service? what kind of progress are you making clearing the tracks? >> we've had people working all through the night and cleared snow from the tracks.
6:37 am
we'll get a better handle on it at some point tonight. >> making a decision when to resume service either today or tomorrow for the monday morning commute? >> when and where we can resume service. at this time we don't have a definite answer. >> you have a lot of hard work ahead of you. kathy asato we're having difficulty hearing your telephone. thank you for calling in. thanks very much. >> okay. >> crews are plowing around the clock, of course, but the dropping temperatures are causing a lot of icy roads out there. the governor of maryland, martin o'malley is warning residents to stay home today, let the road crews get out there and do their work. derrick ward is live in college park. let's see what it looks like where he is right now. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we've got curb to curb plowing now here along this section of route 1.
6:38 am
this is an important thorough fare for this area and it's been getting a lot of attention from the plows and other crews. we want to show you the beltway. take a look at the beltway this morning. we've got one passable lane in each direction and as you heard earlier that's what they were striving for initially to get that important thorough fare back opened again. we've seen some of those tractor-trailers that were causing so much trouble earlier being towed away. they are digging out. as for the plowing, primary roads like route 1, they are good right now. but the secondary roads that's going to be a while before they are able to get to them. we spoke to a plow driver who told us they got it down to a science. trying to get it curb to curb and take care of the ramps so traffic can flow. but they have been able to do their work primarily because there hasn't been a lot of cars on the road. as we hear from one plow driver, drivers helped. >> thank god for the people who
6:39 am
are not on the street because everything is like a shut down now and that's better for us. >> reporter: and, indeed, you know a lot of people out there plowing like him he's usually a bus driver. they've taken people off desk duty and other disciplines within the department of public works to get out here and help clear these roads and, again, we're all enjoying their labs, the fruits of their labs. again, not a good timeo get on the road because they still have a lot of work to do. we're live here in college park. back to you. . thousands of area residents still have no power. the heavy snow brought down power lines yesterday. tree branchs also snapped under the weight of the snow causing several power outages throughout our region. one potomac resident found a live wire burning right in her front yard. >> i think it started about 4:00
6:40 am
a.m., we heard a crackle sound. it's been burning over 12 hours. >> more than 200,000 homes had no power at one point yesterday morning. most people who are still without power are pepco customers. more than 73,000 of its customers have no electricity this morning. dominion virginia reporting more than 33,000 customers in the dark this morning. more than 4600 customers with the southern maryland electric cooperative have no power right now. more than 13,000 customers with the northern virginia electric cooperative have no electorate. bge reporting more than 16,000 customers in the dark. most of those customers in the baltimore area. virginia governor bob mcdonnell is encouraging drivers to stay off the roads in the commonwealth until crews can clear them. three fourths of all virginia state police are on duty today in the wake of this blizzard. julie cary is live out in tysons
6:41 am
corner. what your seeing this morning? >> reporter: good morning. still pretty quiet out here in tysons. they are moving mountains of snow and macing new mountains of snow. we talked to you earlier how it is the front end loader that is the real work horse. this g has been at it since 5:00 a.m. behind us there picking up enormous piles of snow and moving them off the side. road trying to make wider and wider lanes for people to drive along. it's still a good idea to stay out of their way. stay at home today. we're seeing a few suvs pass through here. this primary road is in great shape but subdivisions certainly not the case. a lot of people will find it best to stay home and perfect that pot of chili. we talked to one plow driver. he's got one of those small plow trucks and will do a lot of the commercial parking lots. here's what he had to say about his challenge ahead today.
6:42 am
>> i worked 22 hours yesterday, slept for five and back doing it again. just a lot of snow. >> reporter: wasn't easy for a plow driver to get around, right? >> no. i can get into some neighborhoods until the county gets in there. >> reporter: hard to admit but even you got stuck some? >> yeah. i got stuck a good dozen times yesterday. yeah. >> reporter: what's the action plan today? >> work until it's done. i got a good night's sleep so i'm ready to keep going. >> reporter: how much tougher will this be now that it's frozen solid? >> i did a couple this morning. people had driven through after i did it and it was tough but stuff that hasn't been touched is fine. >> reporter: i think this icy layer out here is going to be here for some time. not going to warm up much today. you heard that plow driver say he got stuck.
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a plow got stuck on chain bridge road a few minutes ago. a motorist who was coming back had a nerve to honk at the plow driver. the nerve of that guy. they are out here clearing things away. be patient with the plows because, you know, they are going to get hung up in spots. as you see down the road behind me they have some trailing drivers too because they need to protect these front end loaders as they do their work. if you're out and about keep your eyes open for the work those guys are doing ahead. back to you. >> crews do continue to plow the runways at all of our area airports. here's a live look at ronald reagan washington national airport. all flights in and out of reagan and dulles airport remain cancelled until further notice. most airlines have cancelled their flights in and out of bwi marshall as well. double check with your airline. passengers are advised to rebook flights by web or phone rather
6:44 am
than heading to the airport. let's see what the road conditions look like from jerry edwards. he's in the news four traffic network. >> good morning. and a little bit of progress was made overnight. very little because the temperatures dropped. everything that was plowed has turned to ice. so, again, we're staying off the roads is the best thing you can do today. listen to the governors of maryland and virginia, stayome one more day. you'll be happy with the way things look tomorrow. germantown along 270, we've been watching 270 and from time to time virtually no passable lanes, no clear pavement, just a lot of snow pack and that translate into extremely icy conditions. just because it's not snowing any more doesn mean you should go out. just stay put. let's head on over and i want to show you the trip out towards dulles airport. crews have been working feverishly to get at the airport lanes clear and open in hopes that the airport will be open
6:45 am
eventually. no issues again but if you're headed out to dulles call your airline. northwest washington, crews continue to work. not sure where this is. mass avenue still working on that. canal avenue is closed down for a trip as you make the trip in. heads up for that. jerry, how was your commute this morning >> it was actually pretty good. i came down wisconsin avenue, very short drive this morning. very short from chevy chase down here. and i'm well versed being raised in minnesota you learn how to drive in this stf. it was still tricky even with an all wheel drive suv because it's all ice. if you don't know what you're doing you'll get yourself in a heap of trouble. >> a lot of people still walking the roads. >> watch out for them. >> the time is 6:45. coming upe were not the only ones hit hard this weekend. we'll take a look at where else blizzard conditions were a problem. >> this very cold morning will
6:46 am
only add to the problems ever trying to clean up this morning. we'll have the latest on the forecast coming up. stay with us.
6:47 am
6:48 am
6:48 on your snowy sunday morning. the president and fir lady will
6:49 am
host a super bowl party at the white house. attendees include members ever congress, cabinet members and service memrs who were injured in iraq or afghanistan. the president has been in town all weekend and is getting about the laugh of the blizzard of 2010. >> snowmaggdeni washington, d.c. the president had to leave the white house for a meeting with the democratic national committee. it was only a short trip but the motorcade had to drive slowly on the slick streets. the president was not in his normal cadillac limo. in a four wheel sue about your ban. a couple of close calls. two vehicles in th motorcade slid into one another. on the way back a branch fell on the a vehicle. no one was hurt. >> more than a close call. you slide into somebody that's not a close call. that's a call. >> all right. before we go chuck and weather
6:50 am
on the phone we have ddot live on phone. >> karen, thanks for joining us. >> what are the conditions like this morning for ddot? we don't have karen on the telephone with us. we'll try to make that connection, though. >> in the mean time we do have chuck. >> that was a close call. >> now that was a close call. >> that was a train wreck. >> the video from the presidential motorcade, i think they were going too fast for conditions. they got the blue lights and the sirens. what i wouldn't give to have a blue light to get through town. that would be nice. anyway, outside this morning an absolutely bone chilling start for everybody this morning, liver picture from ronald reagan washington natiol airport, as we go to break, complete check of your seven day forecast coming right up.
6:51 am
6:52 am
6:53 am
driving in this morning through northwest washington, d.c. it did remind me of an ice rink. i didn't see any pavement, it was either snow packed or where the zamboni pushed the stuff to the side. >> snow pack to me is good news. because if you get down to the pavement it is ice, real ice. with the snow pack you feel like you have some tracks at least. let's go todot to see what
6:54 am
kind of progress they made overnight in the district. karen, thanks for joining us. >> good morning. how are you doing? >> what is it like out there for your crews? what are the major challenges? >> well, there is icing. but we'll be getting out this morning first thing. shift change at 8:00. the crews were focused last night on, you know, again hitting, once the snow stops we went back into the major routes one more time. that allows our vehicles to get around and move around as well as the emergency response vehicles. we're going into the residential areas and clean them up. one thing we stopped doing yesterday as the snow was coming down so fast, it was a waste of resources. now we can get in, spread salt and get in, get our plows dow and then the third thing that ally helps us a lot, i know everybody will be so excited to see the sun. so as soon as that sun comes out
6:55 am
and melt some of that stuff away that will help our crews be able to get out there and plow down those residential streets. >> what your going to do in those residential streets with all the vehicles that are parked on the curbs. that makes it difficult, doesn't it to get the snow out of the way. you end up snowing in all those cars. >> we do. it's a no win situation as far as plowing the snow up against the cars and we want to thank all our residents out there digging themselves out. we get a partnership between the city agency and the residents of the district of columbia trying to get everybody out of their streets and hopefully we can get people off to work tomorrow morning. >> where are you pting all your snow? >> well, we have -- yesterday we started some snow removal efforts. there's an area over by d.c. general that we've used in the past. for those areas where we have to get snow out. then we'll physically come in and pick it up on front end
6:56 am
loaders and pull it out. and take it out of those areas where there's nowhere else to put it. don't be afraid to put it back in your yard and don't put it back out on the street, please because we have to come back out and replow again. >> thanks so much for joining us. good luck the rest of this day and thanks for all your work. >> thank you very much. >> the pile in our front yard is five feet high. it looks like an igloo. >> the partnership is you dig your car out and they put the snow right back on it. they have that big plow. shovel versus plow. >> wait until the plow comes through. >> exactly right. i want does help, honestly to shovel it away from the road because if you put tint road another big mess. outside on this great sunday morning, a good sunday morning to you, everybody. we made it. we made it through what was now the number four -- number three, the third largest snow -- i was right the first time.
6:57 am
if you're awake long enough you'll get these things mixed up. our fourth largest snowstorm of all time in washington, ahead of at any time president's day orm of 1979. the blizzard of 1899. and the anyboknickerbocker stor 1882. other than that we've never had so much snow in the washington area. and it was all over the place yesterday. here's a look at ronald reagan washington national airport where the temperature sit at a bone chilling 18 degrees. the dew point temperature, metro's moisture in the atmosphere nine. indoor relative humidity below 10%. for the winter now, 45.1 inches of snow for the winter. snowfall totals around the area were in the 20 plus range and as you look here at your seven day forecast, temperatures only getting up to near freezing for a high today and tomorrow and enjoy the sunshine sunday and monday because tuesday afternoon, evening time frame
6:58 am
into the overnight hours and into the day wednesday, another chance for old man winter to come a knocking. it probably will be at least another inch of snow here in the washington area. i know an inch doesn't sound like much when you have 27 in the yard, but it will complicate the abilities to get this mess cleaned up if we even have a little mess to put on top of it. >> old man winter full of energy. >> and mother nature. >> thanks very much. >> we'll be back in 2 1/2 minutes with a check of your top stories and full forecast. >> first let's look at some pictures from the university of maryland.
6:59 am
7:00 am
7:01 am
24 inches now on connecticut avenue. >> 200,000 without power. >> this is potential for trouble. >> the earlier this morning we had a jackknifed tractor-trailer. >> it's going to make the situation worse. that was then this is now, the good morning. welcome back to "news4 today." i'm kimberly suiters. >> good morning, i'm joe krebs. it is sunday, february 7, 2010. let's start this morning with the clean up from the blizzard of 2010. that clean up will be made more difficult this morning because of these very cold temperatures we'vead overnight. let's get right to the
7:02 am
forecasts. here's meteorologist chuck bell in storm center 4. >> good sunday morning to you. a good sunday morning to everyone out there in the news 4 nation after a really crazy 24 to 36 hours of weather. things have settled down nicely. proof is in the pictures. there's our classic city camera shot this morning with a clear sky overhead. a very pleasant looking day outside. get your sunglasses, though pap lot of reflective light off of a deep snow pack across the area. our temperatures in the teens for most everybody this morning. 17 downtown, 14 degrees in brandywine, maryland this morning. 14 degrees also in germantown and gaithersburg. 16 in vienna and chantilly. 18 in manassas. 12 degrees in hagerstown. even a little bit of a breeze that's blowing has wind chills in the single digits. high temperature this afternoon only near 29 degrees, sun comes up at about six minutes from now, goes down at 5:37.
7:03 am
so many great pictures sent in. terry took this picture of gaithersburg. that's her husband dan. he needs a longer cord or a bigger piece of snow removal. >> a long time since i've seen an elect try snow removal. >> i had one a long time ago and the blizzard of '96 did it in. you need a long cord for that. >> tiny step above a broom, basically. joining us live now with the latest on the situation at the airports, at ronald reagan washington national airport and dulles airport is rob. >> rob, thanks for joining us. what's going on out there. >> the snow crews will be working throughout the day to improve the runway conditions at ronald reagan washington national airport and at dulles. we're anticipating limited flight operations to take place at dulles today and at ronald reagan washington national airport we'll make an assessment later in the morning. the word for passengers is don't
7:04 am
come to either airport unless you have a confirmed flight reservation in hand. >> rob, do you know the snow total, final for dulles airport? it was pretty high? >> i heard it was just over 32 inches of snow which is just incredible. >> your dealing with the same situation on the runways that we're seeing on the roads, that snow pack or is it simply just mound and mound of snow >> we've been working on the runways throughout the storm and at dles we've got it down to where we have one runway where we can hopefully operate on today. and, you know, when we operate where you want to get that snow cleared off as much as possible. we have specialized equipment that does just that. >> you almost have to get it down to dry pavement. you can't have ice or snow pack on that at all obviously for a planthat's landing at several hundreds miles per hour. >> we do what's called friction testing on the runway before we open it up forflights. we get reports from pilots as
7:05 am
they land to tell us what kind of braking action they are experiencing. >> and what -- can you also update us on the dulles jet center. we saw the roof collapse yesterday. is there anything new on that? what will they do about all the jets inside >> that facility remains closed for safety reason. we do have folks over there watching the facility to ensure that, you know, there's no further hazards that develop because you did indicate yes there are some planes inside and we want to make sure that that doesn't become any more hazardous. as far as getting in, making assessments and removing aircraft that's going to come a lot further down the road once we're able to, you know, do some physical assessments on the building itself. >> okay, rob. thanks very much. please let us know as soon as operations begin out there in dulles and at national. thanks very much. more than 100,000 people in our area still have no power this morning after this weekend's blizzard. utility crews are working around
7:06 am
the clock to try to get the power back on. the weight of the snow has been too much, obviously, for many of the power lines. others have fallen because tree limbs have fallen. montgomery county has been hit hard by power outages pap live wire caught fire on the front yard of one home in potomac. pepco is reporting the highest number of outages in the area. more than 72,000 of its customers still have no electricity. dominion virginia power reports more than 34,000, close to 35,000 in the dark this morning. more than 6300 customers with southern maryland electrical cooperative have no power right now and more than 11,000 customers with the northern virginia electric cooperative have no electorate. bge reports more than 15,000 customers in the dark, most of them, obviously, in the baltimore area. maryland governor martin o'malley is still urging state residents not to drive. freezing temperatures are making
7:07 am
the roads even if they are plowed very icy. news 4 derrick ward is live in college park. his hood is off. and you look very cold this morning. can you give us some perspective? were you stuck in your location overnight? did you have to drive in? what was that like for you this morning? >> reporter: actually we were put up in the holiday indiana not far from here. we shoveled the live truck and other vehicles out last night or yesterday before it got hard. so, you know, thankful that we did that. snow was heavy like everybody was saying. it wasn't an easy task but we did it because we're troopers. the sun is rising and i'm hearing birds singing. sounds like spring. looks like spring. but doesn't feel like spring. the road and street surfaces. take a look. route 1 they plowed curb to curb but you still got a snow pack on there. cars don't seem to be having much trouble but they keep a prudent speed and don't make any sudden or abrupt moves.
7:08 am
no sidewalks, though, if you're driving you have to watch out for pedestrians. that's why they are still urging people not to be on the roads unless they absolutely have to. look at the beltway. one passable lane in each direction. one clear lane. almost down to pavement. a welcome sight for folks out there yesterday and caught in what transpired out there at the height of the storm. and we've also talked to some, you know, plow drivers who are out here now widening these roads making sure the ramps are clear and putting the finishing touches on it because as we've been saying there's more snow expected. so you want to get as much of this out of the way as possible before we get an additional inch or two which could wreak havoc after we have a thaw and a refreeze which is expected between the time of the next snowfall. if you have to be out, be careful. but if you don't have to be out don't. watch out for pedestrians if you're driving, again, because sidewalks aren't cleared. they will be walking in the street. walking may be treacherous as well. this snow here is still powdery.
7:09 am
where we are it's not packed to the point where you can walk on top of it. it's powdery, almost the consistency that it was earlier in the storm. that's something else to be aware of. you still need the boots, obviously and long socks and probably anything else warm that you can put on yourself if you are going to venture out here for the next few days. this will be with us for quite a while. we're live in college park. back to you. . let's turn to northern virginia where some areas are still buried beneath almost three feet of snow. virginia national guard has put out about 500 troops on active duty to help with local emergency crews. julie cary is live in tysons corner. she has more. be careful out there. don't stand in the middle of the road. >> reporter: let me know if i'm going to get scooped up by a plow. the road is wide. not much traffic out here this morning. that's a good thing. i want to give you a better sense of, you know, what people
7:10 am
will encounter out on the roads this morning. if our photographer can take a look down here, i promise you no cars are coming. it is snow covered here. chain bridge roa has been cleared very well. two full lanes here. i can almost see a little pavement out there on the par side. but on top of that pavement some ice. there just isn't any place that drivers won't encounter slick depends this morning. as i've been reporting earlier, this is a morning of moving these mountains of snow. trying to push them off to the side of the road. you see them developing across the street there, front end loader has been working all night long and into the early morning hours to stack the snow up, to make more space and to get those turn lanes passable. and, you know, it just shows you another thing a big issue, when people do start returning to work and that visibility is going to be poor in a lot of intersections for some time to come. that's something to really keep
7:11 am
in mind. a lot of people will be out there shoveling today and that is not going to be an easy prospect. we talked to some of the plow drivers and they said, you know, it's really hard even for them. they can get these top layers off. when they get down to the bottom, that's a challenge too. so, it's a good day to get some shoveling done. take frequent breaks. work on the chili. come back out. there's just a lot of work ahead and as much as motorists can leave the roads to the plows and front end loaders that's the best bet. back to you. a lot of work ahead just to get ready for tonight's game. stay inside and do it. >> good plan. >> julie makes a great point. this one in particular when you see the plowing, they might plow those major roads but then the snow has to go somewhere and i noticed this driving in this morning suv with four wheel drive that's where the trouble is at lights and intersections when you got to gun it over
7:12 am
those piles of crunchy snow. >> absolutely. let's go to jerry edwards and take a look at the roadways. >> good morning. show you some traffic cameras from around the area, give you a good perspective of how tough it is. this is interstate 66 as you leave the beltway headed westbound out towards gallows road. i'm not seeing much pavement on 66 at the moment. crews taking a short break right now and well deserved. very good example of why you need to stay off the roadways. let's head on over and take a look elsewhere at this hour and see how we're doing. we'll check out around maryland, capital beltway, exit ramp from the inner loop over to connecticut avenue. here's the inner loop. promise you there's road there. there's the outer loop and, again, that's all icy conditions. so, you know, i hate to be the duke of doom here but certainly not good conditions for driving.
7:13 am
northeast washington at this hour, over benning road and intersection of benning road and 36th street in northeast, again poor conditions. let me mention quickly canal road still closed for a stretch. wires and trees down. accident on 95 southbound at lorton, up in laurel there's a stretch of gorman road closed because of a utility problem. 301 at sub station road a building fire that stretch of 301 has been completely closed. just because you can go out doesn't mean you should. so don't drive. >> good advice. >> metro has just resumed underground only train service. they did that at the top of the hour for the yellow line that's between pentagon and crystal city station. green line running between ft. totten and congress height stations. orange between station armory and balanceston. red line medical and union.
7:14 am
all metrobus service is suspended until further notice. fallen trees and power lines on tracks are causing major problems for amtrak. several trains heading in and out of washington, d.c. are cancelled. that includes several northbound northeast regionals and southbound northeast regionals. acel express trains northbound and southbound between new york and washington are also cancelled. amtrak does plan on running some trains as schedule, if you're planning to travel by train check >> other closings and delays and cancellations are running at the bottom of your screen. 7:14 is your our time. 18 degrees. coming up several buildings around the area have collapsed under the weight of this heavy wet snow. we'll look at some of the damage left behind. >> organized fun or all out war? we'll ke a look. stay with us. hey, ricky, i don't know if you know this,
7:15 am
but there are creatures from outer space right here in aruba, and they look just like real people. ohreally, i didn't know this. they're always smiling, relaxed, unnaturally friendly. and they'll do anything to lull you into feeling at home. it's inhuman, it's a trick, ricky. don't fall for it, i've seen it in the movies. let me get you a drink. oh my god, they got him too.
7:16 am
7:17 am
our coverage of the blizzard of 2010 continue now. it's 7:17. thousands of you remain without power this morning in a guess if you don't have power you can't hear us. >> you're probably suffering. andre francis is on the phone from pepco. pepco has the largest number of people with outages. what kind of progress has been made? >> we've mean a fair amount of progress. we're at 71,000 across montgomery county, washington, d.c. and prince george's county. >> when do u expect to get most people back online. people want a definitive time.
7:18 am
>> as much as we would like to give people that definitive time we haven't been able to get to all the places we need in order to assess the damage to our system. we're resorg while we assess and with that process, until mpleted we can't give estimated time for completion. >> how is it you don't know where the problems are and how do you compare that with the trouble of guesting to those places? >> our biggest issue is the roads. we're not actually able to get into the place, especially with temperatures last night. it reay posed a problem. our crews are working safely and quickly with the local government of the district of columbia, montgomery county. >> people can call today and find out is it around 4:00, we were told that they may be able to -- that was dominion virginia where today they were saying
7:19 am
customers could call in at 4:00 today and get a better idea when power restored. does pepco have some kind of time frame like that where people can call in to get a better idea of when they can get their electricity back >> i haven't been given an exact time. what will happen once we assess the damage of all, i'll definitely give everybody the time that they can call in and find out the estimated time of restoration. >> sorry to ph you on that. we know that's the number one thing people want to know. >> i totally understand. >> a lot of cold people right now. andre francis with pepco. thank very much. good luck with all the work ahead of you today. >> you can tell by our live shots out there it's really cold. >> it's hardened all around and everything that was fluffy light snow yesterday, it just really crystallized into a block ever ice this morning. i do not envy the folks that
7:20 am
have to get out there and restore power. imagine driving in a power truck down one of these crazy little side streets that has barely been touched if touched at all. then, you know, that's the beginning of your problem. you then have to leave your truck, climb the power pole, covered with snow, move -- yikes. what a job. there's no overtime and a half that can get me to do that job out there. this job here is tough enough for me. outside on your sunday morning, good morning, everybody. that is a picture very indicative of a lot of the area this morning. this picture obviously from our city cram at the end of ronald reagan washington national airport, so that's the north end of the runways. there's the little caravan of dump trucks moving the snow to the potomac and dumping it in. outside this morning, temperatures are inching their way up. but it's still awfully cold. 17 degrees now at national airport. the dew point at seven tells us
7:21 am
how dry the air. light northeasterly breeze has put our wind chill down to seven degrees. winter snowfall total, drum roll, everybody. yes, indeed. 45.1 inches of snow. and i know a lot of people are thinking that sound like a lot. yes, indeed. that's third most all time. we're within one inch of second place. it's going to be a busy week ahead. snowfall totals, and i made as many of these maps as i can. la plata 19.5 inches. huntington 18.3. churchton, maryland 26.5. american university just down road the station here in northwest, 27.5 inch there's. bethesda 37 inches of snow. chantilly 28. manassas 22. fredericksburg 17.5. bunker hill, west virginia 25 and elm mittsburg northern frederick county 27 inches of snow there. getting you started this morning everything crunchy and crispy
7:22 am
out there. temperatures are in the teens this morning with wind chills in the single digits. the sun is now officially up. that's goingope the things out. set your mine at ease. there's a look at live doppler. no chance for snow today, tonight, tomorrow or tomorrow tonight. temperatures on the cold side. even with full sunshine we'll barely make it up to 29 degrees for a high temperature in town today. satellite picture, storm long gone and racing across the open waters of the atlantic. we're left with cold temperatures on super bowl sunday. high pressure moving in, another night in the deep freeze tonight and tomorrow tonight as high pressure settles on in. overnight lows dropping down to near 11 degrees in town. that means wide spread single digits in the suburbs. a 60% chance of snow moving back in the area or a rain snow mix as we get into tuesday afternoon and overnight tuesday night into
7:23 am
early wednesday. that should end as all snow. it will be, i suspect an inch of snow here in the washington area. that will put us up in the number two slot, the second snowiest winter on record. when was the snowiest one? the 1898-1899 winter. i suspect no one remembers that one. >> day not. >> even my great-grandfather wasn't born yet. >> we're already beginning to hear about school closings for next week. loudoun county schools announced they will be closed on monday and tuesday. alexandria city cools will also be closed on monday. let's get a look at the road conditions in virginia. >> joining us on the fond now, jenny from vdot. what is the biggest trouble out on virginia roads this morning from your perspective? >> we're still seeing pretty slick conditions because of the cold temperatures overnight. it was extremely cold. so we know it will remain below freezing today. that's going to continue to make
7:24 am
things slick. what we'll focus on today is getting the interstates and the primaries clear. we've been putting down chemicals and since we're not fighting the snow continuously we're starting to see a tangible difference there with some pavement poking through in some places. and what we'll focus on today is clearing the hov lanes for tomorrow, and clearing the shoulders and try to make some better pass on the primary roads. >> of course, nobody will be able to get to those hov lanes and primary roads and interstates unless the neighborhoods are cleared. what's the ross aspect for getting started on that today? >> exactly. it's going to be tough tomorrow. we anticipate we'll probably be getting into the subdivisions more wita full force tomorrow. we're going focus, continue focus on the emergency routes and the high volume routes today and then tomorrow probably get into the subdivisions with full force and it's going to take a few days. it's not going to solve itself overnight built take a few days
7:25 am
for us to get to all of those subdivisions. >> when you assess all the accidents that happened on virginia roads yesterday, what was the primary cause? >> most of the incidents that we saw were folks trying to get out there and slipping and sliding and spinning out and getting stuck on the ramp, especially. so, it definitely is tough when we have that much snow out there for folks to navigate especially in a regular passenger vehicle. we know we've been saying it all weekend it's best if folks stay home. they are probably tired of hearing that. but it helps our crews to finish clearing the roads. >> a lot of folks ought to take a deep breath and plan on staying home tomorrow because they probably can't get out of their neighborhoods. thanks so much and good luck. >> still ahead, the heavy snow causing roofs to collapse. we'll explain. >> plus the snow did not stop these georgetown fans from getting to the game. were they disappointed? stay with us.
7:26 am
7:27 am
good morning. welcome back to our coverage of the blizzard of 2010. heavy snow has caused several roofs to collapse around the d.c. area. one tree fell on the joshua temple church yesterday afternoon in northwest washington. the tree destroyed the church. the only thing left steeple. culturalism d.c. list the trail on it's cultural trail noting it was built bang 1908. >> i do thank god that there was no loss of life. all of this can be replaced. you can always get construction done and stuff of that nature. this is materialistic things that can be replaced. so, there's no loss ever life, we can still give god the glory. >> no one was inside the wood frame church when it did
7:28 am
collapse. a hangar out at dulles airport also collapsed. the fairfax county fire department were called to the dulles jet center around 8:00 yesterday morning. four workers managed to get out before the collapse. the build is considered to be a total loss and the damage to the four private jets inside is not yet known. get ago round the d.c. metro area was treacherous for those who dared to venture out yesterday. drivers who overestimated their car's power and ability found their wheels spinning. and even some of those out to rescue them, the tow trucks and ambulances also got stuck. from virginia to the district and maryland, officials continue to warn everyone to stay off the roadways. it could take all day today before snowplows can clear safe paths. the blizzard is also having an impact on sporting events around the area. the wizards game last night had to be cancelled. >> so far today's capitals game
7:29 am
against the penguins at noon is still on. penguins played in montreal yesterday afternoon had to fly to newark and take a bus to d.c. 10,000 fans braved the snow either walking or taking the metro to watch georgetown upset number two ranked villanova yesterday. >> actually our cable went out today and we thought about watching the game from home. but when it went out, we suited up and started trucking two miles to the metro so we could get here. >> we drove over here. it was mainly pedestrians on the road not a lot of rs. so he's a good driver so we got here safely. >> it took about 20 minutes to talk to the station, going through knee deep snow. we were half an hour from the metro to go to the station. once the metro went we were here
7:30 am
within four minutes and it was not really that bad of a commute considering the weather. that is fan dedication. and their efforts were rewarded. the final score georgetown wins 103-90. speaker of the house was in the house. 7:30 is our time. 18 degrees. still ahead news 4 midday, a dark cold morning. very cold. tens of thousands of people remain without power. >> will our airports get up and running again today? we'll have the latest on when flights are expected to resume. stay with us, everyone.
7:31 am
7:32 am
right now on "news4 today" tens of thousands of people remain without electricity across our area this morning.
7:33 am
utility crews have been out working through the night to restore power to those thousands of homes whose power was knocked you out by this blizzard. the heavy snow brought down trees on power lines, knocking out electricity in many neighborhoods. >> metro is expected to resume underground train service starting at 7:00 this morning. the transit system closed early last night. metrobus and metro access will remain closed today. road conditions vary throughout the area. they are not safe. plows did hit the roads hard overnight but with so much snow it is very slow going and the secondary roads are still packed with lots of snow. let's check in with meteorologist chuck bell who has the latest on forecast. >> chuck, good morning. good morning. a good sunday morning to everyone out there in the news 4 nation this morning. we made it through another one, that's two top ten snow events of all time in seven weeks. yes, indeed. it's mazing what mother nature can do when she puts her ninth.
7:34 am
temperatures outside this morning are bone chillingly cold. there's a look at ronald reagan washington national airport where we are buried in snow this morning. fourth largest snow of all time here in the washington area. 17 degrees right now here in northwest washington. 15 degrees in bowie and brandywine. 21 in crownsville and annapolis. 15 in the inner harbor. also temperatures in the low teens in upper montgomery county. in the mid-teens in warrenton and manassas. temperatures near the single digits from front royal out to winchester. wind chills are in the single digits for sure. plenty of sun sunshine on the way. sun doesn't go down until 5:37. our high temperature going to stay below freezing. a great picture. one of our favorite co-workers trapped behind winter's gate. can you see springtime? it's just on the other side of that gate right there. >> i can indeed. i can smell it and see it. yes, indeed, spring is in the
7:35 am
air. >> you two lost it this morning. >> it's a long ways off. way off there. crews are plowing around the clock but the dropping temperatures are causing icy roads. maryland governor martin o'malley is advising residents to stay home. derrick ward is live in college park with the latest. even you and your crew had to dig out last night, is that right? >> reporter: well, yeah, we actually did the dig out yesterday before the -- shortly after the snow stopped and before it got hard. we were following our own advice for a change. it turned out to be advantageous because let me take a look at some of the snow around here. this is packed hard. this is the part that's been trod upon mostly by me. i want to direct your attention out on to the roadway. that's route 1 here as it goes through the northern part of college park. curb to curb, haven't seen that curb in quite a while but plows
7:36 am
have been busy at work. you got both lanes here. again, it's not the kind of surface you want to drive at your normal speed because stopping and, you know, turning can still be an issue. we drove a bit of this early they are morning. wasn't too bad. kind of bumpy. expect a bumpy ride. any time you had to make a sharp movement or try to make a sudden stop it would be an issue for you because traction is still somewhat compromised when you have this powdery snow on the ground. it will get packed down a bit. the plows have been out. they are still treating this and hopefully that will keep it from becoming too treacherous. side streets are a different issue. some haven't been touched and won't be for some time. take caution and if you don't have to be out, they are still telling people, we're still telling folks don't come out, stay in, stay in place because they want toreat these roads sufficiently and concentration now is on getting things ready for tomorrow's rush. not everything will be shut
7:37 am
down. a lot more traffic out here and on places like the beltway. so just take caution, take it easy and if you don't have to come out don't. we're live in college park, now back to you. . >> we're hearing they won't get to the subdivisions until tomorrow so you're exactly right. it will be slow going for many of us. thank you. >> utility crews are working around the clock trying to restore power to tens of thousands of area residents still in the bark. dark and cold. the heavy snow borough down power lines yesterday more than 200,000 people hado electricity at one point. still almost 135,000 are without power. tree branchs also snapped under the weight of the snow causing several outages throughout the region. one potomac resident found a live wire burning in her front yard. >> i think it started about 4:00 a.m. we heard a, sort of like a crackle sound and it's been burning over 12 hours. >> pepco says it's working to
7:38 am
restore everyone's power but the crews are having trouble getting to some outages because of dangerous road conditions. pepco is reporting the highest number of outages, more than 70,000 customers have no electricity right now. dominion virginia reports 34,000 customers in the dark. almost 35,000. more than 6400 customers with southern maryland electric cooperative have no power right now. more than 10,000 customers with the northern virginia electric cooperative have no electricity. bge reports more than 14,000 customers in the dark, most of them in the baltimore area. >> power outage is just one concern. road conditions are definitely another. virginia governor bob mcconnell is advising drivers to stay off the roads if possible as crews continue to try to clear them before everybody heads back tomorrow, at least almost everybody. julie cary has been in the tyson's corner area since the
7:39 am
flakes first fell. will there be a lot of people who can't make it to work tomorrow? >> reporter: a lot of people will stay home tomorrow. especially with many consumes announcing that they will be closed that tends to keep the parents at home. look after them. look at chain bridge road. this is the first time in more than 24 hours that it has been clear of plows, front end loaders. they got this stretch of road where they are pretty happy. it is in pretty good shape, at least pretty much two lanes passable. snowy and icy but people seem to be getting by just fine. a different story if a lot of traffic made it out here and things started to back up. then you would tart having some incidents and snow piles stacked up high by the side of the road. that's where they deposited that snow. you're seeing some pictures this morning the of the front end loader out on work here. we've been hearing from vdot their focus will continue to be the interstates and primary roads like chain bridge getting
7:40 am
those opened up a little wider in a lot of places there might be only one lane open, they want to get two, three, they want those roads opened up. it will be tomorrow at best before people start to see them in the subdivision. so a lot of people unless they got, you know, good suvs are better off staying put and not able to get out of the neighborhood. we talked to one man this morning who made a long trip safely. he indicate from st. mary's out to tyson's to check on a building he oversees. here's what he had to say about his drive. >> the roads aren't bad. they are clear. slick pap lot of people out that shouldn't be out. i made it pretty well. >> what brings you out today? >> i got to take care of a building over here by the hilton. make sure the sidewalk is clear for people to get in. >> this is tough to deal with because of the icy nature? >> it is. we're lucky enough came in yesterday. if you didn't do it yesterday you'll have a hard time today. >> reporter: okay.
7:41 am
so if you're having your cup of coffee and having pancakes getting fueled u for the shoveling ahead let's see what it looks like. the plow gave me a head start on this spot. but, again, top layer comes off pretty easily. but can you hear that crunch down under there, guys? it's icy at the bottom. this started out as slush on friday night. boy, i don't know. i think a lot of people will have to settle for getting the top layers off. you can see what's ahead in tore for a lot of people today. some tough shoveling ahead. back to you. >> julie, we can hear that ice. you're getting a major workout out there in tyson's corner. >> one way to stay warm. >> thanks much >> crews continue to try to plow the runways at the area airports as well. we just got word that dulles is open for very limited flight operations. only runways open and operating.
7:42 am
this is a live look at ronald reagan washington national airport. flights remain cancelled at reagan but firms will try to make an assessment late they are morning about re-opening for some operations. most airlines have keld their flights in and out of bwi marshall as well and we suggest you double check with your airlines. passengers are advised to try to rebook flights over the web or by phone rather than actually going out to the airport. some more now on road conditions and majorroblems spots we turn to jerry edwards. good morning. >> good morning. we have had an uptick, unfortunately, in the last 30 minutes of accidents and disabled vehicles in all areas around the region, and indication that folks are trying to venture out certainly again not a good idea. so be careful. if you absolutely have to go out, if you're essential personnel take your time. if you don't stay home. 395 northbound and southbound
7:43 am
around landmark right now no worries. travel lanes are open but, again, when i say they are open that means they are cleared of snow but this is all ice. that is going to be very, very tough. elevated road surfaces as we well know by now a first to go and refreeze. same situation there. as you heard earlier from vdot they will work on the interstates and won't get back to the subdivisions for at least another 24 hours. just stay in if you can. let's head on over and see how we're doing. here's chain bridge and canal road. that's what it looks like and that's a stoplight. just imagine if you're tooling around thinking you're going to do okay and come up on a red light you won't stop there. you'll slide on down there. last check stretch of canal road still closed because of wires and trees down. crews are trying to get to those as quickly as possible. this is dulles airport. first time we've been actually able to see the airport from our
7:44 am
vantage point in the last 24 to 36 hours. limited service out there today. the roads, if you're fortunate ough to get a flight out, the roads are passable. not great but they are certainly passable out there. that's the mantra of the day. just because you can go out don't mean you should. >> right. one runway open at dulles airport this morning. thank you, jerry. the time is 7:44. an update on your forecast coming up. 000 president is handling the snow. his motorcade following victim to the blizzard of 2010. we'll explain coming up.
7:45 am
7:46 am
7:47 am
it's 7:46. the president and first lady will be hosting a super bowl party at the white house today. attendees include members of congress, cabinet members and service members who were injured in iraq or afghanistan. the president has been in town all weekend and is getting something of a laugh about the blizzard of 2010. >> snowmaggedon here in d.c. >> the president clearly watching chuck bell's forecast and the name competition. the president had to leave the comforts of the white house yesterday morning for a meeting with democratic national committee. it was a short trip but the motorcade had to drive slowly on slick streets. the president was in a four wheel drive suburban. there was not more than a close call, two vehicles in the motorcade slid into each other on the way back a branch also fell on to a vehicle but no one was hurt. >> if you don't have to go
7:48 am
anywhere, local officials are asking you, pleading with you to stay home today. many roads are still unplowed and the ones that are plowed are at least snow packed and some are very icy and dangerous. jackie bensen joins us from gaithersburg, maryland with more. what does it look like out there, jackie? >> reporter: it's a mixed situation. we have some pictures to show you that we took a short time ago. we drove over to montgomery village which is not far from here. and based on what we saw over there, they did a pretty good job of clearing many, many side streets. residential side streets in montgomery village really a gold star compared to where we've seen elsewhere particularly in the southern part of montgomery county. plenty of people have not shoveled out their cars and driveways. they are waiting a couple of days. the exception we saw was some volunteer firefighters from the gaithersburg washington grove volunteer fire department. they were digging out a car at the end of a very long shift. >> i've been here since friday
7:49 am
afternoon around 5:00. >> and at the end of doing all this what are are you doing now >> digging myself out of trouble. after helping everybody else get out of trouble, i got to get my own self out and get myself home. >> i think a lot of people can sympathize. we want to show you what chuck was talking about. this is a good probably foot of snow compacted down there and at this point i can stand on top of it. yesterday it was so soft. things are starting to harden up. that is making the plowing more difficult. back to you. where your exactly on 355 there >> 35 5 and oden hall avenue. the big shopping center with bed, bath & beyond. everybody knows that. >> the gaithersburg square, i believe. >> that's right. they are actually -- joe they
7:50 am
are just plowing that parking lot right now. it's pretty clear. they just started maybe an hour or two ago. they are working real fast to get that shopping center open so people can get in there. >> jackie, thanks very much. we'll be back in touch with you. >> very cold outside but the sun is shining. is that going to help us out at all? >> yes. absolutely. even though the sun reflects very effectively off the snow nonetheless enough solar radiation will tart the meltdown today. detailed check of today's forecast and look
7:51 am
7:52 am
good morning. welcome back to our coverage of the blizzard of 2010. you hear about the road conditions, you hear about the power outages, you even hear about the dangerous wind chills. but there is another big issue this blizzard has brought up and that is what to do to pass the
7:53 am
time at home this weekend. news 4 went looking for how some folks are trying to cure their cabin fever. >> reporter: with store after store closed people are walking around looking for any food options tonight. i see you got the dog out here. you guys enjoying the snow? >> the snow is okay. hit or miss. for the time being. i used to like the snow but when i got the license i hate it now. now we're walking to convenience stores instead of driving. >> reporter: the only place open is this 7/eleven. thanks to the snow the store manager says business is booming. >> did you expect to get dinner at 7/eleven? >> absolutely not. i was planning to have what i went grocery store shopping. this was the scene in courtyard marriott. dark hallways, staff wrapped in ambulance kepts and guests
7:54 am
waking up to cold shower. >> normally the kids are bouncing off the wall. they are anxious to get in the pool and get settled and play in the snow. >> reporter: after 12 hours power is back on at the hotel but dominion virginia power said others still in the dark the company doesn't have an idea when it will come back on until tomorrow. despite the problems, people are staying positive. >> i'm a senior so i'm soepg to stay until tuesday. >> reporter: thank god for the super bowl. that's tomorrow. i have no problems staying in tomorrow. but, yeah, definitely dampens the weekend if you're trying to go out and have fun. i don't want to be at a cvs saturday night. but it's a change of pace. hopefully this is it. >> that was a look at saturday night of the blizzard. more than 100,000 area residents still have no power this morning. actually about 135,000 people
7:55 am
still without power. >> interesting community experience driving down massachusetts avenue and then wisconsin yesterday. hundreds of people out walking, and early this morning. i saw groups of people walking. >> every sunday morning, on my drive up mass avenue, up near the vice president's house because i leave about the same time every sun morning i pass a jogger who is on the sidewalk. today i'm going to stop and ask if this is the same person i see every week. as he's jogging up the middle of the road, i roll the window down and id good morning, asked if he was out there every sunday. he said absolutely. i said how do you like this one? he said it's slower. >> it is a tough workout. like running in sand. >> you won why people in finland and minnesota live long center exhibit a. look out the window. quality time with cardio and ask any of your neighbors who
7:56 am
haven't had to shovel in a while. finish the driveway and walk. take it slow. don't risk any cardiac issues. this is a heart attack snow because it's heavy and wet. be very careful. nonetheless it is pretty to look at. live pictures outside this morning. bathed in sunshine. yes, indeed. cold. everybody is cold this morning. 17 degrees down at the airport right now. light north breeze has our wind chills back down into the single digits. so far this winter 45.1 inches of snow. i'm impressed with that number. your impressed? everybody criticizes national airport for not getting as much as other places. when you add it up for the winter that's the third snowiest winter ever on record here in washington and snow records go back to the early 1870s. so no matter how you slice think it is a lot of snow. snow reports around the rest of
7:57 am
the area also copious much national airport at 17.8. adelphi 17.2 inches. fredericksburg, 14 inches. almost 20 in culpeper. herndon 24. poolesville 28 inches of snow there. eli cot city, maryland 30.2, hancock maryland 30.5 inches of snow. mperatures are in the teens this morning. it is bone chilling cold out there. even a little bit of a north breeze has wind chills down in the single digits. radar is clear. no snow today, tonight, tomorrow or tomorrow night. our next chance for snow shows up tuesday afternoon into tuesday night and wednesday morning. we'll keep you posted on that. but it does look like at least an inch of snow here in the washington area, so you do need to be planning on some snow in the forecast. there goes our major winter storm out to sea. back behind it high pressure building in. cold sunshine for your super bowl sunday. high pressure will provide clear
7:58 am
skies and light winds and with this arctic dry air in place, a really cold start tomorrow morning. single digits in almost all of the suburbs to around 11 in downtown washington. and then for tomorrow more sunshine, more melting, temperatures probably getting back over the freezing mark by one or two degrees tomorrow afternoon before our next real weather change comes our way. for today sunny, cold, little bit of a breeze out there. sun goes down, that's an important time, 5:37. as soon as the sun goes down everything out there will start to freeze again. the all-important seven day forecast calls for a very cold but sunny stretch around here for today and for tomorrow. again, the clouds come back on tuesy. and by tuesday afternoon or evening time frame we may have some rain snow mix around here. it should end as all snow late tuesday night into early wednesday. trick will be the tuesday commute home and the wednesday commute in to work and school.
7:59 am
and then cold sunshine back for the end of the week. so february will start woof a very cold stretch around here and if we get one more inch of snow it becomes the second snowiest winter on record. we can do it. i know we can. i got to get somebody else on my team. i'm taking it on the chin for wanting more. >> that's normally it for "news4 today." right now we continue with special coverage of the blizzard of 2010. >> stay with us.


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